Invitation to Younger Religious

On Saturday 20th January, Young Religious and those working with youth apostolates are attended  a meeting of their peers in the Blessed Sacrament Meeting Room, Dublin 1.

Approximately 30 people attending, representing around 22 congregations.  There was a great sense of joy and fraternity among everyone. It was agreed to plan future gatherings. Some of the suggested ideas was for more leadership training for those wishing to develop youth ministry. Some suggested future pilgrimages.

During 2023 AMRI facilitated younger religious to attend World Youth Day together. There were many times many of our younger religious collaborated together. Building on that experience, it is now hoped to continue to reach out and support those in Religious Life over the coming year.

‘….young people continue to live the call to religious life, attracted by prayer life in community and the opportunity to serve in creative ways in ministry. These vocations need to be nourished and space allowed for new younger members to flourish.’ (AMRI Strategic Plan)

The morning was be led by Gerard Gallagher AMRI, Bro Martin Bennett OFM Cap, Sr Eileen O Connell O.P. & Anne-Marie Whelan Bon Secours.

If you or some of your Congregation would like to attend future gatherings  email for further information.




  • Meeting Room Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Dublin 1
  • Saturday 20th January
  • 10:30-12:30