Finance & Risk Committee

Members: Br Raymond Dwyer (Chair), Sr Anne Doyle RSM, Sr Breege O’Neill, Paddy Hennessy SDB, Mr Pat Clarke, Mr Ian Brady, Ms Linda Downes


“2020-21 has been a very different year working in AMRI where blended working and Zoom meetings became the norm. Despite some of the challenges, all members of AMRI embraced the change and many even switched to banking on-line, taking on board the help and guidance
along the way. Even though there were some difficult times, we enjoyed some laughs along the way making things easier in the accounts department and, hopefully too, for our members.

2020 audited accounts have been completed and are ready to present at our AGM. Management accounts to June 2021 are also completed. With increasing work programmes in AMRI this year, it is important to keep our budget updated ensuring that we are keeping within our
limits. Our subscription from is invaluable for statistics and planning going forward. In our annual report you will see graphs with the age profile, number of members and Congregation’s size.

I am grateful to work with Sr Josephine Enenmo RFMP, Sr Geraldine McCarthy APT, Margaret Cartwright Vocations Ireland to record the finances of each organisation under the umbrella of AMRI. The Association of Bursars of Religious Ireland (ABRI), are part of AMRI, did not have a conference in 2020. AMRI continue to collect the funding pledges for Towards Healing. We record and reconcile the income and bank,
then issue receipts to the Congregations and forward quarterly amounts to Towards Healing. The accounts department is a busy place and I would like to thank you all for your help and support over the last year.”

Fidelma Mallon: Financial Administrator