Act to Prevent Trafficking Ireland (APT) is a faith-based group that seeks to raise awareness of the local and global issue of Trafficking in Persons. APT works collaboratively on the prevention of the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation. The members of APT are representatives of religious congregations and missionary societies, and are a committee of AMRI.

Recently, APT launched their excellent post-primary educational resource: cAPTives- Human Trafficking Awareness-Raising Programme. The programme, targeted towards Transition Year and 5th Year students, consists of a four-week programme that includes 4 videos, accompanying support resources and mentoring for teachers from APT members. There is also the availability of a 5th module on Cyber Safety, recorded with Alex Cooney, CEO of CyberSafeIreland.

Each of the videos include input from a cross-section of presenters, each with their unique understanding and experience in challenging and responding to modern day slavery and human trafficking. Presenters include:

– Mr. Kevin Hyland OBE: former UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner, member of Santa Marta at the Vatican
– Ms. Ann Marie Cagney: Assistant Garda Commissioner
– Det. Superintendent Derek Maguire: An Garda Siochana National Protective Services Bureau
– Mr. J P O’ Sullivan: MECPATHS Ireland (Mercy Efforts for Child Protection against Trafficking within the Hospitality and Services Sectors)
– Ms. Alex Cooney CEO: CyberSafeIreland
– Mr. Tim Schmalz: sculptor and artist ‘’Let the oppressed Go free’’

Some of the key concerns that are addressed in the programme include issues such as:

– What do we mean by ‘Trafficking’ and is this the most appropriate terminology?
– Why do we use the words like ‘Slave/slavery’ to describe Human Trafficking?
– What is the driving force that encourages people/groups to engage in the trafficking of other human beings?
– How profitable is the trafficking of human beings?
– What can I/we do to challenge the demand for the trafficking of human beings and put an end to modern day slavery?

The programme is currently in its pilot phase, with aims to expand further into schools across the country.

For more information about the APT/AMRI cAPTives- Human Trafficking Awareness-Raising Programme, or if your congregation is interested in engaging schools in their Trust involved, please send an email to:

A Call To Action

APT welcomes collaborators and resource people who are willing to share and support in its work on a short-term or long-term basis. If you are interested in joining the members of APT and are motivated to take action on the prevention of human trafficking, please email APT at

The APT Call to Action specifically seeks representation and support from male religious congregations and male members of lay mission groups. Read a personal invitation from Fr. Donal Dorr and Fr. Pat Murphy SPS to male members of AMRI and their congregations. Please click on the following link: Letter of Invitation