L’Arche La Ferme invites you to register for the English Online Retreat
In Advent 4th-10th December 2022 with George Durner: Called to Walk on Water.
You can already listen to a short part of George’s Advent talk below …
You are invited to register with us during the next 10 days …See link below.

Background on L’arche La Ferme

L’Arche La Ferme is an international retreat and formation center of the worldwide community of L’Arche were people with and without special needs share their life. We offer international online retreats in English which are very much appreciated for their inspirational quality and spiritual nourishment. Our retreats are prerecorded and available online via YouTube links 24/7. Like this they are accessible at anytime from anywhere for individuals/groups that like to do a retreat, also in daily life and in the sanctuary of their own home/living place. Therefore, our outreach is worldwide including also a number of religious in communities and in nursing homes.

Please see our homepage for the upcoming retreats: https://www.lafermedelarche.org/en/our-welcome/sessions-en/
For our upcoming retreat in Advent: Called to Walk on Water you can find more information and register online here: https://www.lafermedelarche.org/en/sessions/walk-on-water-advent/