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Launch of cAPTives- APT/AMRI human trafficking awareness-raising programme.

Monday, 18 October 2021, the EU anti-Human Trafficking day, saw the APT/AMRI launch of their cAPTives anti-human trafficking education programme for post-primary schools.

When compiling this education resource, the following key questions came to mind:

  • Why do we use the words Slave/Slavery to describe this Human Trafficking?

  • Is the term Trafficking the most suitable term?

  • What drives people to do this to others?

  • What kind of money is involved?

  • What can I/we do to demand change in relation to Human Trafficking?

The programme comprises six presentations with input from the following:

  • Mr. Kevin Hyland, OBE, former UK anti-Slavery Commissioner and member of the Santa Marta group at the Vatican;

  • Ms. Ann Marie Cagney, Assistant Garda Commissioner.

  • JP O’ Sullivan, MECPATHS Ireland (Mercy Efforts for Child Protection against Trafficking within the Hospitality and Services Sectors).

  • Ms. Alex Cooney, CEO, Cyber Safe Kids Ireland.

  • Det. Superintendent Derek Maguire, An Garda Siochana National Protective Services Bureau.

  • Mr. Tim Schmalz, Sculptor & artist ‘’Let the oppressed Go free.’’

For more information or to sign up to this programme, please email info@aptireland.org

March 2021

A recording of APT/AMRI presentation at the UN NGO CSW Virtual Forum.