Day for Consecrated Life
Holy Cross Church, Dundrum, March 25, 2023

On Saturday 25th March, a wonderful celebration of Religious Life took place in Holy Cross Church. Dublin. Over 300 consecrated women and men praying and singing together with a service organised by the Diocesan Office of Religious. Archbishop Farrell presided and the beautiful music lead by the Diocesan Resource group.

The full service is recorded and available on www.dundrumparish/webcam A most moving celebration of the Annunciation. Lovely to see many familiar faces who help AMRI in so many ways. Continue to say yes to the Lord! Deo Gratis.

‘We are blessed in our Diocese to have over 1,700 consecrated women, living out a diversity of charisms and ministries, sharing their dreams and hopes for the Church and our world, forming generous, imaginative, liberated, and liberating initiatives in response to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.  Our synodal journey – this way of being Church together – is enriched by the contribution of consecrated men and women.  

As religious life has long been an instrument of synodality, striving to involve all the members in the decision making and decision taking (see Working Document Continental Stage), religious are ‘teachers of synodality.’  On my own behalf, as the Bishop of this Diocese of Dublin, and on behalf of the many people who benefit from your service, I wish to acknowledge all this Spirit-filled work and give thanks.  This is much more than ‘managing decline’.  It is creating an environment – a framework – in which religious, priests and people together in the Archdiocese can respond to and draw strength for the life-transforming call the Lord puts before us.’ AB Farrell

Full Text of Archbishop Farrell – HERE