Can you help/assist?


AMRI was recently contacted by one of the members of a local Community Sponsorship Group in Dundalk who are in the process of hosting a vulnerable family from Afghanistan that are considered to be in “heightened danger”. The family, a mother (29 years old) and her 3 female children (11, 7 and 6 years old) fled Kabul and are currently in hiding. The children haven’t been able to attend school since sept 2021.


The family have permission from the Irish government to come to Ireland. Critical to their arrival is a place to live. The Community Sponsorship Group have been working hard to find suitable accommodation in Dundalk so that the family, once in Ireland can be placed under their care and can access the various necessary support networks and services once the family arrive.


If you are aware of a suitable property or your congregation/order has accommodation that can provide shelter for this at-risk family, please email