We are aware of your interest in supporting refugees in Ireland with their accommodation needs and would be delighted to talk with you about the Register of Pledges. We know from initial responses to our call for Pledges last year that several congregations generously responded, and those arrangements are still in place and greatly appreciated. Some of you may have been disappointed with the level of response to your initial queries last year but now the human resources are in place to work with you and the availability of a government contribution of €800 each month (tax free) eases the financial concerns for many pledging properties. The Irish Red Cross team will support any congregation’s involvement with a dedicated caseworker and the protection provided by a licence agreement. 

What is pledging?

In response to global crises, the Irish Red Cross began the Register of Pledges as an opportunity for the Irish public to help support refugees with their accommodation needs by offering vacant houses, congregated settings or a room (s)within a home to share with a refugee in Ireland. Through the Register of Pledges the Irish Red Cross and partners have been able to assist thousands of refugees in Ireland to begin their integration journey. Generally, a pledge is made for a period of one year to enable a refugee settle into Irish life and plan their move to more permanent accommodation.      The Irish Red Cross also supports the innovative Community Sponsorship Ireland scheme whereby a community accommodates and supports a refugee family financially and practically for a period of two years, enabling the family to move into Irish society independently at the end of that period.

Who will match the guests into the property?

The Irish Red Cross, the International Organisation for Migration, Peter McVerry Trust and Helping Irish Hosts are a Consortium working to support Refugees enter safe, suitable and sustainable accommodation via a team of caseworkers. These partners work with refugees and the Irish public who have pledged accommodation to ensure the best match is made.

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What next?

If you are interested in pledging a room (s) a vacant property or a congregated setting, please go to our website – – or scan the QR code. If you have further questions, please contact our team on 1800 753343 or e-mail