Obstetric fistula is preventable


During the weeks of Advent and Christmas Day, AMRI along with the MMMs, will reflect on the reality of the lives of the women and girls around the world at risk of, or living with, obstetric fistula. Advent is an opportune moment to contemplate the experience of motherhood, as Mary awaits the birth of her child, Jesus. Similarly to the women across the world who live with obstetric fistula, Mary was also a young mother living in poverty and who did not have access to appropriate ante-natal care or medical intervention. The birth of her baby was a gift of life to humanity, so that we can all be free.


This Advent, we invite you to consider mothers around the world and to pray for the safe delivery of their child, especially those women who are at risk of obstetric fistula. That every woman, everywhere can experience a safe pregnancy and delivery. Safe motherhood is about human dignity and is a human right.