RENATE Europe present webinars/training on the theme; ”The effect/consequences of wars/war-situations on trafficking and exploitation – esp. for women and children.”


These webinars will provide insights and knowledge about how we can best support those who have been victims of human trafficking and exploitation as a result of conflicts and displacement. You will hear presentations from speakers who have first-hand experiences of living and ministering in conflict-torn situations such as Natalya Holynska and Iryna Maievska at Caritas UKRAINE; Sr. Orla Treacy, IBVM in Rumbek, Sudan; Ms. Halyna Onyshko, psychotherapist & ECF coach, will share with us about addressing war, trauma – encompassing internally displaced individuals, military spouses & mothers and finally, members of the team at HAART Nairobi,  will share with us their specific experiences and encounters which in turn heighten our understandings and approaches in our work with victims and survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.



When: 14, 15 & 16 May 2024, from 08:30- 11:30 (UK time)


(this is a recurring link which you can use each morning)