Living Advent:

As we approach the end of our church year, we turn our mind towards Christmas, and enter a period of waiting where we are invited to reflect on our lives as Christians as a means of preparing to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child into our living moments.
Christmas is a time that touches us on many levels, emotional, financial and spiritual. It can be a challenge for many and it can be difficult to find a balance. We will use a WhatsApp group to provide spiritual inspirations each day directly into your WhatsApp flow.
The invitation overall is to give yourself the gift this Advent of some personal space. To be still so that together we will come more fully into the presence of Emmanuel, God with Us.
We are delighted you want to take part by receiving our daily reflections during this season of preparation.
If you like to receive those, please contact 0857162152

Please note:

Group member details; name, profile picture and phone numbers are visible to all in the group.
By joining the group, you accept that:
• You are not permitted to use or share any numbers with anyone outside the group.
• You are not permitted to use the numbers from this group in order to contact or distribute details of any person in the group.
• You can leave the WhatsApp group at any time by using the Exit Group option or by contacting Christina Malone directly.
If you agree to ALL this click the link below to join.