Having listened to some of the reasons leaders have found it difficult to register for Being Human and Sexual: An Evolving Understanding with Lynn M. Levo, CSJ, Ph.D.

Time commitments has been one of the stumbling blocks.






Therefore, in light of this awareness, Lynn has agreed to some flexibility as a means of helping more members engage with this vital topic.

The week-long workshop will be offered and there is still room to register. But if you cannot attend the week, but perhaps could attend for 2 days, here are the options available with the topics to be addressed.

Option 1: Monday – Tuesday, September 18-19     Cost: €605

  • Changing Mindset: Accompaniment and Synodality
  • Discerning a life choice
  • Fostering one’s first vocation: being human
  • Some thoughts on vocation today
  • Healthy integrated sexuality
  • Psycho-sexual Development
  • Attractions and affectivity
  • Sexual diversity – sexual orientations and gender identity

Option 2: Thursday-Friday, September, September 21-22    Cost €605

  • Boundaries – personal and ministerial
  • Being an agent of the community – ethical responsibility
  • Sexual expression for celibate men and women
  • Sexuality and Technology
  • Relationship with self and others
  • Self-intimacy
  • Emotional awareness and expression
  • Intimacy with others – an adult need for all
  • Friendship
  • Celibate living: challenges and opportunities
  • Called to be hopeful and hope providers

If you are interested in booking for either option please complete the attached booking form and return as soon as possible but NO LATER THAN 5.00p.m. on 5TH September


Looking forward to hearing from you.




Margaret Cartwright