Join Viatores Christi (VC) for our annual live Venture training programme (online) this January 2024! Tailored for current and aspiring missionaries and potential volunteers, this international and inclusive programme hones practical skills for impactful work in the field.

Explore modules covering mission and development, project cycle management, community development, global awareness, social justice, and climate change all within a new, more accessible, GCE framework.

Spanning three weekends on January 27th-28th, February 24th-25th, and March 30th-31st, this transformative programme offers 6 interactive training days from experts and 20+ hours of online self-directed material – all for just €300.Participants will include those actively engaged in faith-based development projects in East Africa.

 Elevate your skills and make a difference. Reach out to Sorcha at or visit to download our latest brochure and course syllabus.