Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees
Forty-one member congregations and organisations of AMRI have offered accommodation to the incoming Ukrainian people driven from their land; including convents, retreat centres, former student accommodation, and houses big and small around the country. We estimate this translates into more than 500 rooms in total. AMRI is liaising with the Dept of Children and the Irish Refugee Council on the uptake of these offers. If you wish to offer a property please email: sec.gen@amri.ie

Individual religious are offering to teach English and many religious run schools have already welcomed Ukrainian children. Some congregations here are also fundraising and sending aid directly to communities on the Ukrainian border. We are all praying for peace.

Sound of laughing Ukrainian children fills Fethard convent
Presentation convent will be home to 55 refugees who have fled Russian invasion
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Photo by Tetiana Shyshkina on Unsplash