I just wanted to alert you all to an event being hosted on Tuesday next week by

On Tuesday 2nd May 2023,  a  demonstration at St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin hosted by

the Irish Coalition for Business and Human Rights (ICBHR), of which the Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network, as coalition members, are taking part.

 The focus of this event is to highlight systemic injustices by transnational corporations across the world and demand support for corporate accountability legislation at the EU level to ensure human and ecological rights.

The event was a “mock” protest – we will be protesting a fictitious palm oil company, Sham Palm, which is taking over St. Stephen’s Green to turn it into a Palm Oil Plantation! Of course, there’s not actually a company digging up St. Stephen’s Green: this will be an ‘April Fools’ style satirical stunt to highlight the human rights and environmental impact of many corporate activities, such as palm oil plantations. The purpose is to draw attention to the real human rights abuses in many other places, like Honduras, Colombia, or Nigeria where companies act with impunity.

The demonstration at St. Stephen’s Green is to show our MEPs that we need strong corporate accountability legislation. We need politicians to act to stop corporations – like the fictitious Sham Palm – from harming people and the planet. For the event to get media attention it needs numbers, so we would really appreciate if you could join us on the day!

For further information about this event and why we are holding it, please see the attached document.

ShamPalm protest invite further info

Watch Video Here

Toni Pyke and some protesters